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All you need to know

about the Université Populaire
of Geneva Canton

The UP offers

Evening courses for adults at various levels in French (alphabetization, written French, French grammar, phonetics), foreign languages, data processing and mathematics and general studies.

The volunteerism of its teachers ensures that the UP's courses are open to all at minimal cost.

The UP enables

Integration linguistically, socially and economically, opening the way to participation in the life of the city.

An introduction to different cultures.

The UP operates as

A place to meet and exchange news, views and ideas.

The UP encourages

A public often with little formal schooling, few qualifications and unused to the idea of adult education.

The UP respects

The uniqueness of everyone and it is apolitical and non-confessional.

The UP aims at

Top quality teaching through training, support and evaluation of its volunteer teachers.

The UP operates exclusively on the basis of

The volunteerism of its teachers and its committee,

Funding in part from the State and City of Geneva,

The provision of classrooms free of charge by the DT,

Financial support from local communities,

Various donations and students' fees

The UP is different

A structure which offers something over and above the standard fare provided by other institutions, private and public.

The UP offers basic courses right up to (but excluding) intensive, professional or specialized training.

Open to all, whatever their nationality, age, sex, professional status or income.

Based on the principles of sharing and democracy, the UP is a meeting place for Swiss citizens and foreigners.

Integration works both ways, outside the accepted norm: a foreigner teaches his language to Swiss citizens and foreigners; a Swiss teaches French to non-French speakers, foreigners or compatriots.

A school based on the volunteerism of teachers and committee members.

A private law association, politically and confessionally neutral with a membership made up of students, teachers and subscribers.

A place not only to study but also to learn about other cultures and participate in leisure activities.

The UPCGe meets a real need, evidenced by the fact that, with no publicity but simply through word of mouth, people find their way to its doors.


Are you interested in becoming a volunteer teacher?


If you would like to join the UP's group of volunteer teachers, just call for an appointment with a trainer.


Your commitment is for one academic year and basic training is provided.

The UPCGe undertakes to provide every volunteer with clear information on its objectives and functioning.

The UPCGe treats every volunteer as a colleague and provides the necessary teaching materials.

For further information or, for prospective teachers to make an appointment with a trainer, please call  022/339.05.01 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can become an individual or group supporting member (subscription 100 francs for individuals and 150 francs for groups)

To assist us

As a supporting member, you will receive regular information on the UP's activities and be entitled to participate in the AGM and most of the events it organizes.

You can also donate to the UPCGe: IBAN : CH79 0078 8000 R174 0215 1 Please add the mention : Fonds de soutien UPCGe.

For further information, please contact the UP's office (022 339 05 00 or 022 339 05 01).

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